EZ Door Machine

Cabinet shop owners swear by this machine. It’s fast. It’s safe. It’s easy to learn and operate.

Only one 5-piece door machine in the industry has these features:


  • Heavy duty linear bearing vertical slide rails allow for industry-best smooth and secure operation of the clamp fence – safely hold down parts during cutting.
    • Eliminate chatter. Minimize waste.
  • Cutter height adjustments are push-button controlled and self-cleaning at each stop.
    • Reduce maintenance. Increase accuracy.
  • 2-inch heavy wall steel tube framing guarantee every EZ Door machine is built with the same integrity as million dollar high-speed, production equipment.
    • Built tough. Built smart.
  • A quick-change cutter height adjustment block can be calibrated for each cutter stack, eliminating the need for “on the fly” cutter height adjustments.
    • Faster. Better.

Got 2 Minutes?

In less time than it takes to eat a dozen “Krispy Kremes,” you can make a 5-piece door.


Cabinet shop owners swear by this machine. It’s fast. It’s safe. It’s easy to learn and operate.

Like all Fletcher machines, this thing is built like a beast. If you want cheap and flimsy, you’re barking up the wrong flowering dogwood. The design key is the button-operated four-position spindle that, on command, efficiently positions the insert blades to cut the different shapes needed to create a door.

But wait. There’s more:

  • Single button selection for rail/stile, cope, panel and door edge
  • 10 HP 230/460V 60Hz spindle motor
  • Safe, pneumatic clamping fence
  • Standard arch template set included (7/8″ to 2″ arches)
  • 62” table travel length standard with circulating ball bearing slides, cut rails to 59″ and panels to 55″
  • All key functions PLC controlled
  • Cut mullions for glass doors
  • Cuttter set included
  • And, made and assembled in our Lexington, NC shop

EZ Door Machine Training

Maybe the best thing is we’ll train you (and your team) for free on your machine in our Lexington, NC plant. Come on down (up or over). We’ll bring the doughnuts.

Give us a call or shoot us an email.

Built like we mean it. That’s Fletcher.

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