Multifunction machines that trim, shape, sand, foil, mould, drill, plane, route, edge band or press.

Multifunction machines that trim, shape, sand, foil, mould, drill, plane, route, edge band or press.


Machines Made Your Way.

On Our Highway.


Customization thrives in our neck of the woods.

Why do the “who’s who” of industry make their way to a little shop on East US Highway 64 in rural North Carolina to have their largest woodworking production machines designed and built … from the ground up?

Because we have big ears. That’s why.

Listening is our thing. It can be hard to understand our Davidson County drawl. So, we listen a lot. Eat barbeque. And talk even less.


The better we can understand our customers’ challenges. Large or small. We can help shape a solution unique to their situation. If you want cookie cutter. Or cheap. You’ve come to the wrong place.

We design and build machines to outlive the builder.

From our engineering department to the team of craftsmen who assemble the machines, we have a common purpose: build your machine to your specifications to meet the future needs of your company.

If you’re lucky enough to still own or have purchased a “used” Fletcher machine from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, we’d be happy to make it like new. If you want, we’ll load it up with the latest electronics, pneumatics and computer controllers. And we’ll even do that for a competitor’s machine.

Built like we mean it. That’s Fletcher.

Bobby Miller, VP of Sales

(336) 362-3342

Custom Machine Types

We design and build big machines that solve complex, high-production manufacturing problems. These machines execute a vast range of operations on a variety of materials including wood, PVC and composites.

Many of the machines fall under one of two platforms: single-end or double-end. There are several series of machines in each platform. Within these platform/series combinations, dozens of different machine variations can be designed and produced.

Single-end, Multifunction Platform

Double-end, Multifunction Platform

FM-44 Series

This popular, entry level single-end edge machine series features a heavy, fabricated base, precision feed chain, a choice of tenoner- type or roller hold-down and a variety of stations: scoring, shaping, wheel or belt sanding and edge foiling. It will also accommodate the same edge banding features as the FM-45.

FM-45 Series

The only high-production edge machine designed and built in the USA – it is a heavier, more robust version of the FM-44. This machine will accommodate veneers, PVC, laminates and solid wood bands. A variety of additional options exist including 3mm quick-change gluepots, auto-select multiple band magazines and other stations based on your needs. And, of course, it’ll also score, shape and sand.

FM-200 Series

Our double-end, multifunction machines are the choice of production-oriented operations and can be designed to accommodate virtually any configuration. Sizing, scoring, shaping and sanding with foiling is a popular combination. Like our single-end machines, our double-end machines can execute the same operations but on two sides of a part, simultaneously

FM-240 Series

This machine can do anything one of our single-end machines can do, but on two sides of a part and in a smaller footprint than the FM-200. A version of this multifunction machine is our double-end tenoner (FM-240D).

The FM-240D trims and copes parts from 4 ¾” through 36” in length. It comes standard with an integrated automatic hopper-feed and can reach production speeds of 65 parts per minutes.

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Covid-19 Statement

As America and the world deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, this note will update you on the status of business and operations at Fletcher Machine Industries.

We have been designated an ESSENTIAL business as we provide machinery, machine parts and rubber products to building products companies and other essential industries. Our goal is to keep our customers’ machines running effectively and efficiently in order to move the economy forward during this time of health and economic uncertainty.

Operationally, we are practicing social distancing in our facilities and taking action to regularly sanitize. Any employee that is not feeling well is required to stay home. The welfare and safety of our workers, transportation partners, vendors and customers is paramount.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at 800.438.1054 or