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rubberDoesn’t Your Machinery Deserve Quality Rubber Parts?

Fletcher has been manufacturing woodworking machinery for over 30 years.  We know that performance of a machine depends on how well the individual components perform.  That’s why we engineer and produce all of our rubber products to exacting standards.

When the success of one of our combinations depends on an inexpensive part – you can bet that part is given special attention!  We build all of our rollers, pulleys, feed chain pads, and wheels as if they were going on one of our own machines.  And we refurbish worn parts so that they are as good as (or often better than) the original.

If you want quality performance, you start with quality machines – and quality machines start with quality parts!  At Fletcher we manufacture and rebuild quality into every one of our rubber products.


Our rubber products division began as a department assigned to produce sander pulleys used on our profile sanders.  As our machines grew in complexity, so did the range of products available to our customers.

Today we manufacture a wide range of rubber products for many industrial uses.

These products include:

  • Urethane
  • Neoprene
  • High-temperature resistant silicone
  • EPDM
  • Nitrile
  • Thiokol
  • and other specialized compounds as required by our customers

Don’t You Deserve Fletcher Quality and Service?

Fletcher’s meticulous attention to detail and strict quality control have become the standards by which others are judged.  Our success has been built on our ability to listen to our customers.  Experienced sales and technical representatives are available to assist you in determining the correct compound for your specific application.

The compound is then precisely adhered to the specified wheel, pulley, feed chain pad, or roller.  Fletcher’s high quality rubber compounds are vulcanized to all types of rollers.  Hardness, or durometer is produced to your requirements.

Finishing is completed to exacting standards.  From smooth polished to grooved or serrated, Fletcher offers a complete range of precision surfaces.  When applicable, the part is balanced.  A final inspection assures you receive the quality you deserve in every Fletcher Rubber Product.

Fletcher’s service?  Simply the best!  We work with you on specific needs, and every effort is made to provide the fastest turnaround time available.


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