Profile Sanding Wheel

profile sanding wheelFletcher Machine’s patented Roto-Belt sanding system utilizes reusable (11″ dia.) neoprene rubber profile sanding wheels and flexible continuous sanding belts. This unique system allows the sanding belt to be replaced by turning one screw that releases the tension arms.  This way, the sanding belts can be changed quickly and efficiently without removing the profile sanding wheel. Complete changes of the profile sanding wheel can be accomplished in minutes. The Roto-Belt system can be used on a multitude of systems and machine types.

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 About Us

For almost 50 years, the Fletcher name has stood for Quality and Dependability to the Woodworking Industry.  From the early concept of shape-sanding on the same machine to the complex machines we see today, Fletcher continues to be an innovator.

Every Fletcher machine is manufactured to our Customers’ specifications, and flexibility is the key to our success.  Virtually everything excluding electronics and electronic components are produced in-house.  While this is not the trend in today’s “outsourcing” mentality, it provides consistency and control, which means QUALITY time after time.

From our Engineering Department to the team of craftsmen who assemble the machines, we all have the same purpose: to provide YOUR machine to YOUR specifications.  This allows you to determine your production needs, and plan for the future of your Company.