FM-240 Double End Tenoner

fm-240 double end tenoner

FM-240 Double End Tenoner

The New FM-240D Tenoner Machine trims and copes parts from 4-3/4″ through 36″ in length.  The machine comes standard with an integrated automatic hopper feed and will reach production speeds of up to 65 parts per minute.  Dogs with built in backer blocks are on 5″ centers and are made of non-marring, wear resistant Delrin to allow for single cutter operation to prevent tear out of the part.  The combination backer block and dog are snap-in-place to allow for quick change.  Precise digital read outs for quick positioning and setup.

Each tool station is individually guarded and provided with an individual dust extraction point.  A touch screen operator interface with PLC control of the machine functions to provide safety and ease of operation.  Operator interface provides the ability to program next part size for traversing before hopper is empty.

Fletcher “shaftless” drive system allows for the quick setting of the machine width with movement of 3″ per second when traversing.  Machines are available with two working stations.  The first working unit can be saws or cope heads, the second, cope or shaping heads.  Traversing is equipped with linear rails and ball screws to maximize the traverse speed and minimize wear.


Non-tilt trim saws are powered by 5 HP, 3600 RPM motors.  Saw arbors are 2″ diameter x 5-3/8″ long with end of arbor threaded for locking nuts.  Hogging saws may be used by removing arbor spacers.  Maximum diameter of saw blade is 10″ to fit inside of guard.  Saws are mounted on dovetail slide castings and affixed to a steel column with dovetailed slides and provide both vertical and horizontal movements.


High speed non-tilt shaper heads are powered by 5 HP, 3600 RPM motors and are gear belt driven to 7200 RPM as customer specifies.  Shape spindles are 1-1/4″ diameter x 5″ long with end spindle threaded for locking nut.  Maximum diameter of cutter head is 10″ to fit inside of guard.  Shapers are mounted on dovetail slide and provide both vertical and horizontal movements.


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