FM 45 Edgebander

The FM-45 Edgebander is our single-sided edgebander and is built on the successful FM-45 frame and carrier system that has been the standard of the industry for a number of years.  This machine will accommodate veneers, PVC, laminates, and solid wood bands.

FM 34 Edgebander

The FM-34 VEB Single Side Edgebander is a standard single-sided, compact edgebander based on the high production FM-45 EB Model.

FM 2000 Contour Edgebander

Unit to run strip veneer or plastic, coil rolls of PVC, melamine or wood veneer.

FM 200D Double Side Edgebander

FM 200D Double Side Edgebander

FM 200D Combination / Softforming Edgebanders

Each of our combination/softform edgebander chain links are machined from individual blocks of high tensile strength steel, with replaceable serrated urethane pads.


Fletcher Machine Industries proudly manufactures edgebander machines – and much, much more – right here in the United States.  We are located in Lexington, North Carolina.