Some available woodworking machinery products from Fletcher Machine Industries are listed here.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us to ask!

Rubber Products

Fletcher has been manufacturing woodworking machinery for over 30 years.  We know that performance of a machine depends on how well the individual components perform.  That’s why we engineer and produce all of our rubber products to exacting standards.

Diamond Tooling

Fletcher Machine is the only company that manufactures PCD diamond tooling and the woodworking machinery they are made for … in the same US facility.

FM 240 D

Double sided High Speed Tenoner for cabinet rails. Minimum size 4-3/4"
Up to 70 parts per minute, NC Shaftless Drive opening speeds of 3" per second.

FM 87

Feed through Foiler with adjustable heads. Ideal for exterior grade foil on PVC and Composite materials.

EZ Door

Best Raised Panel Door Machine in the industry. 4 programmable cutting heights. 62" table stroke. 10 HP main motor.

Pre-Owned Machines

Fletcher Machines are built to last! Our customers count on the 24/7 reliability of a Fletcher Machine.

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FM 45 Edgebander

The FM-45 Edgebander is our single-sided edgebander and is built on the successful FM-45 frame and carrier system that has been the standard of the industry for a number of years.  This machine will accommodate veneers, PVC, laminates, and solid wood bands.

FM 34 Edgebander

The FM-34 VEB Single Side Edgebander is a standard single-sided, compact edgebander based on the high production FM-45 EB Model.

FM 2000 Contour Edgebander

Unit to run strip veneer or plastic, coil rolls of PVC, melamine or wood veneer.

FM 200D Double Side Edgebander

FM 200D Double Side Edgebander

FM 200D Combination / Softforming Edgebanders

Each of our combination/softform edgebander chain links are machined from individual blocks of high tensile strength steel, with replaceable serrated urethane pads.

FM 2001 Contour Trimmer

The FM 2001 Contour Trimmer is a separate machine from Fletcher’s 2000 Series contour bander that is designed to trim the overhang associated with edgebanding. The machine is built on a heavy duty base, with a phenolic table to prevent marring on the panel surface.

Hot Melt Glue Spreader

This machine is designed for tHot Melt Glue Spreaderhe application of PUR Hot Melt Glue on flat surfaces by silicon covered steel rollers. Metering doctor roller of chromed steel is heated to melt the adhesive and maintain application temperatures.

Fletcher F.A.S.T. System

Fletcher's unique computer aided setup technology utilizes an industrial XYcom computer system with touch screen technology.

FM 220 F.A.S.T. CNC Tennoners

Fletcher double end tenoners are available in four standard sizes FM-200, FM-210, FM-220, and FM-250. These tenoners vary in size and work units and all are exceptionally heavy-duty double sided machines.

FM 330 F.A.S.T. CNC Tennoners

Fletcher double end tenoners are available in four standard sizes FM-200, FM-220, FM-250 and FM-330. These tenoners vary in size and work units and all are exceptionally heavy-duty double sided machines.

Heavy Wood Band Rimmer Systems

Fletcher unique Rimmer systems are used for heavy wood banding of core material. Rimmers apply heavy wood banding using PVA and Urea based glue and utilizes Radio Frequency Curing, to assure quick and complete glue curing.

Fletcher Flat Laminating Systems

The FM-82 series are hot roll laminators that bonds pre-glued papers, transfer foils, and other heat sensitive materials. Substrates may be particleboard, MDF, other sheet stock, or other webs of material. Rollers or a rubber conveyor belt carries the substrate into the machine and under the nip of each roller where heat and pressure securely bond the laminate. The FM-82 is available with silicone, steel, or a combination of silicone and steel rollers.

Fletcher Profile Foiling Systems

FM-35 & FM-45 Profile Foilers, Double Wheel Foiling Units, CNC Dual Head Foiling Units, FM-85 Table Top Foiler, FM-203 Bluff Cut Foiler

Wheel Grinders

Fletcher has designed and built machinery for our in house rubber roller department. During company tours our customers expressed an interest in our wheel grinding machinery for shaping rollers. Fletcher’s machines are designed to grind, shape rollers, and true rollers.

Fletcher Profile Sanding Wheel

Fletcher Machine’s patented Roto-Belt sanding system utilizes reusable (11″ dia.) neoprene rubber profile sanding wheels and flexible continuous sanding belts. This unique system allows the sanding belt to be replaced by turning one screw that releases the tension arms.

FM 445 Multi Head Boring Machine

The FM-445 Multi Head Boring Machine is constructed of heavy steel weldment and is hydraulically operated. The machine has a 1HP motor on each spindle. Drills are fully adjustable vertically and horizontally. Each spindle head can be easily adapted to fixed center boring head unit or an adjustable center boring head unit.

FM 203 Series Bluff Cut Machine

The FM-203 bluff cut machine is designed to produce drawer fronts with bluff cut profiles. Drawer fronts are fed through the machine, and are shaped, sanded, and foiled from overhead. This machine is also capable of running multiple sanding stations in lieu of the foiling station. All stations are mounted in the common holddown beam.

FM 450 S Molding Sander

Brush Sanding Machine with four heads for denibbing sanding behind a molding operation. Roller Transport feed system with variable speed adjustment. Lateral guides are manually adjustable in width. Upper pressure rollers for hold down of the moldings.

EZ Rail Machine

The EZ Rail Machine is a feed through shaper/ molder with a built in hopper feeder for parts from 2-8" wide. The hopper has an open front end to allow of very long pieces to be sent through the machine.

Paper To Paper Laminator

Fletcher has combined machines to produce these paper to paper lamination lines. The line pictured has electronically controlled unwinding stations, with automatic and continuous braking control.

Non Contact Lamination System

Incorporating Nordson and Fletcher technologies for an extremely efficient, compact lamination line.

FM 84 Foil Roll Slitter

This slitter allows you to realize the cost savings of buying foil, paper, and other overlays in large rolls, then slit it to your desired widths.

FM 87 Molding Foiler

The FM-87 Molding Foiler is a single or multi-wheel molding foiler designed for picture frame and molding manufacturers.

DC-533 Slitter

Our DC 533 is a Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder with crush knives 5 foot working width, 3-foot rewinds. Complete with ultrasonic sensor, electronic tension controls, and adjustable score knives with pneumatic approach and pressure control. This machine will slit transfer foils as well as papers from 27 gram, fabrics and vinyl.


Rubber, Diamond, and Custom Parts made by Fletcher

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