On this page, we answer our most frequently asked questions.
If these FAQ do not answer your questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.


Q : Which models of your machines are now obsolete?

A : We have no planned obsolescence at Fletcher Machine Industries, Inc. We still have parts for any machine we have ever produced – from 1962 thru today.


Q : I saw a machine of yours that is very similar to a machine I need – Can you build exactly what I need and not just another cookie-cutter design?

A : Absolutely! Our past experience has been building what each individual customer requires. You get exactly what you want and don’t pay for options you will not use.


Q : I recently purchased a machine that Fletcher Machine manufactured that is presently missing some parts and may need some work and/or advice to get in operation – Can you help me?

A : Yes, we can provide parts and service for any machine manufactured by Fletcher-Tolbert, Fletcher Machine Co., or RP Fletcher Machine and for many other we did not make ourselves. We also can provide a total rebuild of your machine returning it to the original condition which will include a warranty as a new machine. Lastly, we retrofit many old machines with newer style equipment and electronics.


Q : What exactly do you mean by “Made in the USA”?

A : That means that the machine you purchase from us is built entirely in Lexington, NC, USA of almost entirely US-made steel and aluminum with as many commercially available supplier parts made in the US as is practical. This is not an easy task today, but it insures better part availability and quality.


Q : I have a particular part design that we are having difficulty manufacturing with our present machinery – What options do you have other than buying a new machine?

A : Our highly trained servicemen and engineering department do well at finding solutions to uncommon problems, many times by merely tweaking existing equipment. In the event that your machine is incapable of producing the desired results, we have designed retrofits to many existing machines with excellent results. Not to mention, at a price far less expensive than a new machine.